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The Seven Quality Management Principles

The seven quality management principles are:

Customer focus: Organizations should focus on meeting the needs of their customers, both current and future. This means understanding customer requirements, expectations, and feedback, and using this information to improve products and services.

Leadership: Leaders should create and sustain a culture of quality within their organizations. This means setting clear expectations, providing resources, and encouraging continuous improvement.

Engagement of people: All people within an organization should be involved in quality improvement efforts. This means providing training, empowering employees to make decisions, and recognizing their contributions.

Process approach: Organizations should manage their activities as processes. This means identifying and understanding the inputs, outputs, and interrelationships of processes, and managing them to achieve desired results.

Improvement: Organizations should continuously improve their products, services, and processes. This means identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing changes, and evaluating the results.

Evidence-based decision making: Decisions should be based on data and analysis. This means collecting and using data to understand problems, identify root causes, and develop solutions.

Relationship management: Organizations should manage their relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders. This means building trust, communicating effectively, and working together to achieve common goals.

These principles are the foundation of quality management. By following them, organizations can improve their products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and achieve sustained success.

Here are some of the benefits of following the quality principles:

– Increased customer satisfaction

– improved product and service quality

– Reduced costs

– Increased efficiency

– Improved employee morale

– Enhanced reputation

– Increased market share

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