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Key Benefits of Visible Felt Leadership

Visible felt leadership prioritizes connecting with people, understanding the systems they work within, and emphasizing actions that drive positive change. Leaders who demonstrate this approach are:

•            Present and Approachable: They don’t isolate themselves in offices but engage with employees in the workplace.

•            Empathetic and Supportive: They build relationships, understand the challenges people face, and provide genuine support.

•            Transparent and Accountable: They share information, own decisions, and remain accountable for results.

Focus on People

•            Building Trust: Leaders interact regularly with employees to establish trust. They genuinely listen to concerns, ideas, and feedback.

•            Recognition and Appreciation: Small gestures matter! Leaders praise good work, acknowledge individual efforts publicly and reward contributions.

•            Development and Growth: Leaders mentor and encourage employees, providing opportunities for professional development.

Focus on Systems

•            Understanding Work Processes: Leaders spend time observing how work is done for a deep view of the challenges and potential improvements in the system itself.

•            Removing Barriers: Leaders identify and actively break down obstacles that hinder efficiency or increase risk, supporting employees in finding better ways to perform tasks.

•            Continual Improvement: Leaders engage employees in problem-solving and process improvement. They create a culture of innovation and support employees in implementing solutions.

Focus on Action

•            Clear Direction: Leaders set clear goals and expectations, and communicate these regularly to their teams.

•            Decisiveness: Leaders don’t stall on making important decisions and are clear about the choices and rationale behind them.

•            Empowering Employees: When possible, leaders delegate authority and resources, trusting employees to work autonomously while providing guidance as needed.

•            Walking the Talk: Leaders lead by example, mirroring the values and behaviors they want to see in their teams.

Key Benefits

•            Improved morale: People feel valued and invested in the company’s mission.

•            Boosted productivity: Streamlined systems and employee motivation improve output.

•            Stronger safety culture: People are more proactive in identifying hazards, leading to fewer incidents.

•            Increased innovation: Openness to change and employee input foster a culture of innovation.

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