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Workplace injuries up by nearly 60%, says statistics dept

PETALING JAYA: Occupational injuries in Malaysia increased by 58.9% to 34,216 cases in 2022, the department of statistics said.

In its national occupational accident and disease statistics for 2022 report, the department said the data was provided by the occupational safety and health department, the social security organisation (Socso), the finance ministry and the police.

Chief statistician Uzir Mahidin said there were also 317 fatal injuries in 2022, an increase of 16 deaths over the preceding year.

The services sector recorded the highest number of occupational injuries with 10,403 cases, followed by manufacturing and construction, with 9,906 and 4,324 cases, respectively. The lowest number of cases in 2022 was recorded by the mining and quarrying sector at 140.

Uzir said men accounted for more than 84% of cases and that all states showed an increase, with the exception of Perlis.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Image: Freepik

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