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Workplace Hazards —Slips, Trips and Falls

While slips, trips, and falls are commonly caused by poor housekeeping, the source of the accident is not always the only cause.

There are also other aspects to consider including the workplace’s flooring, lighting as well as various human factors that can impact the outcome of an injury.

Employee Responsibilities


What can you do to make a difference?

Your actions could make the difference between someone getting injured or not.

Seen a spillage? Instead of thinking it is someone else’s problem, why not clear it up?

You can help to prevent slips and trips in your workplace by reporting near misses and accidents promptly to your employer, if you see slip and trip risks, try to sort them out or inform your employer.

Employer Responsibilities


To tackle slips and trips successfully in the workplace you employer needs to: put in place an effective management system, carry out regular risk assessments and make sure they are aware of the relevant laws and regulations specific to your country.

How do employers control the risks of slips and trips in the workplace?

Employers need to focus on the risk that really matter in the workplace, the ones with the potential to cause harm. 

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