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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

There are several things an organisation can do to enable secure transactions. Do you think this is one of them?

‘Stop call recordings while the customer gives staff their card number so they can key it directly into their system.’ This is definitely one action that can enable secure transactions.

Other actions staff can take are to temporarily forward the call to an automated system that allows the customer to say the card information to a robot or a different member of staff, meaning the person keying in the original data cannot hear the card details. This is called ‘pause and resume’.

Staff can also enable customers to use their phone keypad to type their card number directly into your organisation’s system. Staff should also use the CVV (Card Verification Value) code to confirm that the customer has the card with them.

Finally, it is advisable to restrict the use of pen and paper for staff taking card payments over the phone.

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