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The benefit of practicing energy efficiency in the office

Energy efficiency can have significant benefits for your organisation. You can cut your energy costs by up to 20% by employing some simple techniques.

Energy efficiency initiatives, however simple, could make a big difference to your organisation, saving up to 15% of overall energy costs.



Most people prefer to work in natural light, so can you make better use of it? Use window blinds to maximise the use of natural light without making the work area become too hot or cause glare.

Task Lighting

Where possible, light just the working area to a high level. Lower-level background or task lighting can be provided for the rest of the work area.

If you spot a problem with the lighting, notify the person responsible for maintenance in your workplace. For example a bulb that is broken or needs changing or a dirty light fitting.


Instead of using screen savers, consider powering your monitor off if leaving your desk for a long period of time. Screen savers prevent the last image ‘burning’ onto your screen and can actually use more energy than leaving your computer on.

The running cost of a PC and monitor can be reduced by around 90%, simply by turning off the power when not in use.


Most office equipment, including PC monitors, faxes and printers will have energy saving features; make sure they are in use to reduce costs.

By enabling these features, up to 50% of the energy required to run them can be saved.

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