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Case Studies

Construction: Semiconductor Plant

Risks Construction site accidents , theft of materials and equipment , project delays

We provided preconstruction advice and support for health, safety, and security risk prevention, as well as project constructability. During the construction phase, we offered project management support, training, media services, and conducted audits.

Construction: Factory
Outcome Zero accidents and incidents, reduced costs of poor quality, increased productivity, and on-site well-being.
Construction: Major Infrastructure
Outcome Reduced risks to employees and members of the public, with minimal impact on project schedules. We minimized disruptions to traffic flow and improved the overall quality of our response.

Major Infrastructure

Risks Construction accidents, dangerous occurrences, road traffic accidents, fires, injuries to members of the public, disruption to traffic flow.

We supervised and advised during the design and construction phases. Additionally, we provided training to the project’s health, safety, and security management teams. To ensure a coordinated and high-quality response, we organized and led tabletop and scenario-based exercises in collaboration with emergency response agencies. We also conducted audits to identify areas of weakness, deter threats, and drive improvements.

Film and TV

Risks The safety of the cast and crew, from pre-production to post-production, of a Hollywood-produced high-octane action film with complex stunts and special land, air and sea effects.

Our safety advisors worked closely with the film’s producers, directors, special effects, and stunt coordinators to develop and implement a comprehensive safety plan. This plan included the following elements:

  • Risk assessment: We identified all potential hazards on set and developed mitigation strategies.
  • Safety training: We provided safety training to all cast and crew members, covering topics such as stunt safety, electrical safety, and fire safety.
  • On-set safety supervision: Our safety advisors were on set throughout production to monitor safety compliance and guide the cast and crew.
Film and TV
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Outcome The film was completed without any major accidents or injuries. This outcome was achieved through the developing and implementing a comprehensive safety plan and providing on-set safety supervision throughout pre-production, production and post-production.
Goods in-transit & warehousing
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Outcome Reduced risk of thefts, accidents and occupational fraud, improved delivery times for goods and more efficient use of resources.

Goods In-transit and Warehousing

Risks Theft of customer assets, occupational fraud, road traffic accidents, impact on the customer experience.
We conducted a detailed assessment of the in transit and warehouse security programs, developed a more effective security plan plus trained drivers and employees. Our audit teams were deployed to monitor compliance, identify threats and expedite continuous improvements.

Oil and Gas

Risks Theft or damage to business-critical assets, terrorism, piracy.
We conducted a comprehensive assessment of threats and the asset protection program.
Outcome Developed and implemented a multi-faceted master plan that had better-protected assets, reduced vulnerabilities, improved the effectiveness of physical security management and enhanced stakeholder communications and cooperation.
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Outcome Reduced vulnerabilities and losses, a significant reduction in the turnover of security personnel. Internalized proactive security culture and enhanced organizational resilience to risk.


Situation Loss of physical and information assets, high turnover rates of security personnel, reactive internal security culture.
We assessed the existing physical security planning, culture and infrastructure. Additionally, we developed and implemented a comprehensive program to reduce risks and improve organizational and physical security. This included developing and introducing new security policies, planning, corporate awareness training, designing and implementing physical security infrastructure, management systems, and innovative human resource strategies.


Risks Theft, piracy, terrorism.
We conducted security assessments, provided technical training, drafted guidelines, and selected competent security assets to protect, deter and respond to security threats.
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Outcome Safe and secure passage of cargo and shipping.
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Outcome Significant reduction in losses and enhanced customer experience.


Risks Shoplifting, attacks on customers, health and safety hazards.
We implemented a loss, fraud, and accident prevention program. Additionally, we provided training to management and employees on reducing risks more effectively from threats and hazards. Follow-up audits were conducted to deter threats, identify gaps and drive continuous improvement.

Security Guarding Operation

Situation High turnover of staff, poor quality customer service, high number of security incidents.

We conducted a detailed organizational assessment to determine the root cause of the situation. Subsequently, we assisted with implementing new recruitment and retention policies, a security management system, and technical and soft skills training.

Outcome Reduced risks to clients, improved operational leadership and management, increased productivity and efficiency, innovative use of technology, reduced guard turnover, internalized interdependent culture, and enhanced customer experience.
Outcome Risk mitigation and peace of mind for the individual and their family members.

Personal Security and Safety

Situation Security threat to a high-net-worth individual.
We undertook a threat and risk assessment of the risks and implemented a plan of action, including screening, selecting, and organizing professional security countermeasures.

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