Operational Audit

We will deploy professional auditors to observe and provide real-time reporting of your health, safety or security operations.

In the case of health and safety, we will become your eyes and ears and act on your behalf. Our team will report and record  "unsafe acts" and "unsafe conditions", they will also proactively intervene, correct and train wherever necessary and when warranted stop work 

For physical security we will observe for unsecure acts and unsecure conditions, we will assess your vulnerabilities and monitor for threats, we will test the operational effectiveness of your protection planning and report to you  in a timely and transparent manner 

This methodology is more effective at preventing accidents and loses and drive positive behavior. It will also provide you with a thorough, systematic and critical examination of your real risk environment helping you ro  better prevent accidents, incidents, and losses 

The operational audits can be deployed on for example : 

  • Construction sites 
  • Health and safety operations 
  • Goods in transit
  • Cash in transit
  • Facility security